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The Best Classic Cars Wedding Cars

Your wedding day is going to be a special time in your life. This is the day that you will forever be united with the person you cherish the most. When your special day finally happens, you’re going to want to do it in style. Some couples will try to make a grand entrance by bungee jumping from the Belfry. Other couples will use magic and appear out of nowhere in a puff of smoke.

These are fun ways for newlyweds to make a spectacular entrance. However, most couples want to keep things simple and easy. One way to make an amazing entrance is by driving in a classic wedding car. Here are some classic wedding car ideas for your very special affair.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1

The year 1955 was the time when the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 appeared on the street. This classic wedding car is 5 meters long and 2 meters wide. The perfect size for a couple. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 is a classic car that has a curvy profile and a towering front grille. The regal look will make your vehicle appear heavenly. You will turn heads and capture people’s attention as you drive off for your honeymoon.

This vehicle offers a bigger larger model that can hold a larger wedding party. However, it was made to comfortably suit 2 people. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 was not made for extreme driving. While you can operate this car in style you won’t get very far if you drive it for long time or for a long distance.

Karmann Ghia

Volkswagon created the Karmann Ghia automobile in 1957. The Karmann Ghia is a German based vehicle and is not popularly known outside of Germany. However, it resembles a Type 1 Beetle mixed with a Ghia Luigi Serge. This vehicle has a distinctive European style and it has a sophistication that makes it the perfect vehicle for this occasion. It moves with grace and drives like a dream. This vehicle demands attention because there are not many cars like it on the road. The Karmann Ghia makes the perfect wedding car because its natural style puts it in this category.

Roesch Talbot

This stunning car is a pre-war classic that looks fantastic in wedding photos. You will guarantee to turn heads when travelling to and from your wedding ceremony in one of these Roesch Talbot vintage cars. If you are planning to hire a classic wedding car for your wedding, these are a classic car that makes a big impression.

Bently MK VI

The Bently MK VI is a popular wedding car that was created shortly after World War II. This vehicle is one of the most commonly used wedding rides in the U.K. The interior of this vehicle is very elegant since it is made out of wood and leather. Newlywed couples will enjoy the interior because it offers a comfortable ride. The car is designed for two people, but it can hold four. It has a traditional look that gives it a magnificent look for upscale events. The bride and groom can ride in style within this vehicle while enjoying the moment.

Austin Princess

The Austin Princess is truly a car for royalty. This particular vehicle is a high-class automobile that is made for classic settings. It has a wooden walnut interior with leather stitching. The bride will feel extremely special in a vehicle like this. The groom will believe he is truly a man of wealth, nobility and stature as he drives his special lady around town in an Austin Princess. It’s 3.5 litre engine helps to make it one of the best for this manufacturer’s auto line. There is a limousine model of this vehicle. It has drop down seats and a glass division which adds to it astounding looks. This is truly a car that is worth driving on the road during your wedding day. It has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and elegance.

Beauford Classic

The Beauford Classic was created in 1985. This was not a classical era for vehicles. Still, the Tourer model is considered a modern classic because of the way it has been designed. This vehicle has a lot to offer married couples in terms of specialization. There many different kits that will allow a bride and groom to customize their vehicle in any way they desire. Couples can make their cars look like amazing new wedding day cars on their wedding day.

Triumph Renown

The Triumph Renown is not that known, but it is a wedding car that can still get nod of approvals. This vehicle has a razor edge design and a clipped elegance. Driving a Triumph Renown will give you the praise and notoriety that you want during your wedding day. This car will be hard to miss on the road.

Range Rover Classic

The Range Rover Classic is a perfect vehicle for your wedding days. The Series Range Rover is not a good choice for delivering your bride. However, you can get an early Rangie that will make it look like you just drove from a country estate. Driving in elegance and style on your wedding day is expected. The Range Rover Classic makes sure that you are telling the world that you are now a happily married couple.

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