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Newspaper Wedding Announcement Examples: Send the Right Message

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A wedding is not only the entanglement of two souls, but it’s the relationship between two different families of the same or different background. The perfect match is found with a lot of research and seeking. Well, profiles can be made in the newspaper as well as online websites to find your soul mates.

The happiness of the wedding ought to be shared, and it can reach to your caring ones only if you publish it in the newspaper apart from making numerous calls which becomes tiring before it arrives to a point.

Many papers don’t require money for printing but impose some amount needed as the procedure gets lengthy, but the cost is reasonable. You need to make the profile in the best format so that it is well defined, has all the necessary information and creates a positive impact on the minds of the viewers.

Form a set of points, write them somewhere, so that you can recollect them when needed to be published somewhere. Make a concept of “how to write” on your mind. Few steps should be followed for making a triumphant wedding announcement in the newspaper. They are as follows:

  • Choose a particular set of words- Let the information flow in evident and straightforward statements, since it will be read by hundreds of people and shall not mess with anyone’s mind. Don’t make it complicated with unnecessary details. You may also take examples from online to generate such an attractive announcement.
  • The printed details should be in a specific order- We all love to indulge something which is chained with culture and tradition. Newspaper Wedding Announcement Wording should have ties with the years of tradition followed, and therefore should follow the specific order. You can give the details of the venue in addition to the name of the couples prepared for the wedlock, describe their beautiful apparels and even provide the glimpses of their family members.
  • Choose the right newspaper- Since you want to make the announcement public, you would want to publish your wedding announcement on a paper which is read by your family members and your fiancé’s loved ones, make sure you make the right choice of the publisher.
  • Get to know what your newspaper’s requirements- At first select few newspapers which matches all your criteria’s. Second of all get to know their needs as in what they want. The details they want should be put in specifically and is very vital. Two most important things should be checked; that is the word count should be limited and the format and font should be taken care of while writing the announcement.
  • Briefing- As said earlier keep it short and simple. Concise write-ups are easily readable and interpretable. Give all the useful details with a summary. One important thing you should always remember since the work is paid therefore with each every increase in word there is an increase in the money associated with it. Therefore word count is limited so restrict yourself from writing big announcement.
  • Start the structure with parent’s name – Thinking how to begin? Give the parent’s name in bold and continue with something like “Mr and Mrs Kent announces their daughter or son’s marriage on the mentioned date”. A simple beginning.
  • Specifics of the ceremony- Give the details of the occasion, such as the venue, the dates of the celebration, how to reach the place, and an overview of everything required. Make sure that the wedding announcement template holds the reader’s eyes for about a minute because it is the golden emblem of what is next to be read.
  • Finish with the extras- Maybe you think the content is still empty, and you want to input something funny and exciting. In such kind of scenarios you may give the details of the couple’s honeymoon, what are the places they are going to enjoy, how many days tour it is going to be and something more as you wish to provide. You may also provide the particulars of the couple’s interest.


  • Review the whole thing- Examples of wedding announcement can be found anywhere. You can take the help and make the best write-up. Well after finishing it, review the document with precision and see the quality and the infrastructure is well maintained. Glance at it and look to it that the whole content matches the guidelines of the chosen newspaper because every newspaper has a different set of rules. Check the word count and see whether it can be easily read or not.

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