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Most Common Mistakes Made by Men When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of the most significant challenges a man has to endure when he finally decides to settle down. The experience of buying an engagement ring is one of the greatest financial investments you will make in your life as well as the emotional ride that will test the love you feel for your partner.

An engagement ring is a vital element of proposal etiquette. Even if you are excited at the prospect of buying one and propose, you can’t just run ahead and buy the first thing that you like. Keeping a cool head on this process will help you feel reassured that you are making the right decision.

One thing is clear: you and your partner want this moment to be perfect, and to make that happen smoothly, we are about to share with you the most common mistakes you need to avoid when you buy an engagement ring on your own. Time to sit down and read up!

  • You don’t do The Right Homework

We don’t think this has to be clarified, but just in case we are remind you again: please don’t buy a random diamond ring on a dare and hope for the best. You will have to play detective with a bit of discretion to do this right. First, you have to go through her jewellery collection. Take a moment to appreciate the colours, styles, and shapes she likes. If you see a lot of vintage jewellery, then choosing a modern design is not exactly the best idea. If you have enough confidence to talk to their closest friends, ask for their opinions, but make sure she doesn’t find out.

  • You Guess on a Dare Her Ring Size

Just to try to picture this on your head for a moment: You get on your knees, pull out the box and present her a stunning engagement ring, and she is paralyzed of happiness. She snaps out of it, takes the ring and places it on her finger, and suddenly… it doesn’t fit. As you get home from the place where you proposed, the ring keeps wobbling from one side to the other. Or even worse: the ring is such a tight fit that is squeezing her finger and hurting her hand. Not pretty right? To avoid such a faux pass, keep in mind that the average ring size for women is 6 to 6.5. To avoid any sort of guess sneak one of the rings, she has in her jewellery case and measure it.

  • You Don’t Pay Attention to the Diamond Cut

Diamonds are the universal sign of love when a couple wants to consolidate their commitment with each other. If you are going down that route as well, you need to pay attention to the diamond’s cut. The cut as we call it is a reference to the shape of a diamond, but it also refers to the way a diamond reflects the light. To make sure that the diamond you are picking is the real deal, ask for the GIA or AGS certification, and ask about the cut grade. Most people settle for excellent grades or very good ones if they are on a budget.

  • You Go with Instinct Instead of Asking a Professional

There are a lot of trained craftsman professionals in the diamond business. They are the best people you can talk to when you are on a mission to choose the perfect engagement ring. The best way to go about it is by reputation, so you probably want to ask someone who has been working on the jewellery trade for many years, since they are in the position of offering the answers you are looking for, as well as clear any doubts you might have. Try to avoid dealing with salesmen. They are most interested in making a sell than giving you the best ring you can have.

  • You Don’t Anticipate a Budget

A lot of people are taken aback by the cost of a diamond ring the first time they make inquiries about them. That’s why we told you at the begging that buying one is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you are short on money, you can get a great looking diamond, but you have to do a lot of research first and set the right amount of money to get that perfect ring. You will feel that it is eluding you but have some patience. Your quest will bear fruits if you do.

  • You Don’t Cover Your Tracks

A lot of couples break the norm and buy a commitment ring together. But a lot of guys live to experience the surprised face of their fiancés when they propose. If you don’t want your life partner to find out what you are doing in advance, you need to take some previsions and plan ahead. A shared computer is a terrible idea at this stage. You need to make sure to delete your search history and cookies if you are handling the search online. If you shop on the web, you need to use private browsing to avoid leaving tracks. Google is a major snitch, and she will wonder why suddenly all the ads she gets online lead her to jewellery stores.

  • You Don’t Insure the Ring

This step is one of the most important in the list. Just picture all the time and effort you did to get the perfect ring, and you suddenly lose it. First thing you have to do right after buying the ring is to insure it to protect your investment from being misplaced or stolen!

  • You Keep Searching Forever

We know we told you to take your time, but also, we need to remind you that you and your life partner are not getting any younger. You won’t find perfection if you keep rejecting valid options just because they have a little detail. The subtle differences between a perfect diamond and an imperfect one are rarely visible to the naked eye. If you want your rings to have a unique look with some added sparkle just ask the jeweller to add smaller stones on the ring to enhance its beauty.

  • You Forget the Wedding Band

A lot of guys get wrapped up by hunting for the perfect engagement ring that they forget about the wedding band. It’s true that you should not purchase a wedding band after your proposal, but you still can ask to your preferred jeweller for recommendations. An engagement ring has to be crafted to match the wedding band, so don’t forget about it.


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