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10 Rules of Successful Beach Weddings

South wedding to the celebration of your wedding at heart. Between the management of children’s suitcases, the purchase of your dress and the choice of your wedding venue, sometimes everything can seem heavy on your shoulders. That’s why we’ve made a list of 10 rules for a successful destination wedding:

1. The most important rules: Let your wedding destination planner take care of everything and RELAX! Leave the stress aside. It’s difficult, but do it!

2. Do not manage your guests. Transfer them to us! Our agents are there for that!

3. Choose the hotel for you. According to your favorite! You will not succeed to please everyone around you.

4. You can not control everything. It’s the beauty of destination wedding. Better to know it right away Let us guide you quietly!

5. Choose your decorations and dinner options according to your budget. Do not go over, it’s important for morale. Otherwise you will cut elsewhere and you will probably be disappointed.

6. Order in advance your wedding rings and clothes, you do not want to be taken at the last minute, it will only cause you stress.

7. Make your papers in advance (if required) and send them to your specialist.

8. Is your passport up to date? Do not wait until the last minute!

9. If you are of type photos, we advise you to take a good photographer with you. Because in some southern countries, you may be disappointed with the quality of the photos.

10. If you have the time and money, why not visit your hotel before your wedding. This will greatly reduce your stress if you are the type to like to see and control certain things.

As you’ve noticed, the average rules revolve around stress. Because yes it’s easy to be caught with tremendous stress for a destination wedding. Normal, everything is managed on site with a wedding planner that you have never seen and sometimes the answers are slow to return. We are here to help, guide and lower the level of stress to your stress-o-meter !! ​

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